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"Through his candid photography, James depicts his 3-month journey through this colorful town. His intimate and vibrant images document every aspect of life in this lush landscape"

— Rachael Davis


In the summer of 2017, James Van Camp found himself in the northern Thailand district of Phrao. Armed with his camera and a desire to learn, he not only captured the locals with his photography, but formed genuine connections with them. James volunteered at a non-profit organization called Warm Heart based in the district, which aids underprivileged children within the community. It was this experience that allowed him to completely immerse himself in the locals' daily life.

His debut photo book is a declaration of love to the district of Phrao, and its inviting and lively people. The mutual curiosity between photographer and subject is apparent and shows each side's willingness to learn more about the other. After first battling feelings that his camera was intrusive and prying into the villager’s lives, he became encouraged after seeing their warm smiles and openness to be photographed. Instead of communicating through language, James connected with the people though his lens. Phrao is a celebration of life and showcases the stories, relationships, and culture of people living in this mountainous, vibrant region.

— Lauren Adhav



Book Details

Linen-wrap hardcover

Foil-embossed title 


162 Pages

80 full color photographs


Layout and design by James Van Camp

Book printed by Edition One in Berkeley, CA

Cover sleeve screen printed by Art Farm in St. Louis, MO.


Deluxe Edition

Signed edition of 50

Includes ‘Behind The Scenes’ Zine — Black and White printed booklet including behind the scenes photos, journal entries, and artwork. Folds out to a 12x18 print.


Warm Heart Donations

In partnering with Warm Heart World Wide, $5 of each sale will be donated to their Higher Education Fund — helping aid their efforts to make college a real prospect for every one of their children.